Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything I Know I Learned From My Family

We have had some memorable days with part of our family over the past 2 weeks. These are some of the things I learned.

You can actually find ripe strawberries when there are no little hands around!
A teenage girl will play with 4 year olds and act like she is having a good time.
They have added a new color to the rainbow.
The look on kids faces as they drive their own decorated float through their own parade is priceless.
Keith still makes a great potato salad.
I am "very old" because I am a "grandmother".
Kids can still be entertained on a trampoline.
Teenage boys can be gentle, caring and have fun with kids under 6.
Teenage boys can still play hide and seek.
Mike and Scott are great BBQ chefs.
Glueing and decorating with two 2 year olds, three 4 years olds, a 6 year old, 2 grandma's, and 3 mothers is hectic but worth it in the end!
We still enjoy the fireworks.
Some Grandma's are "white".
Joyce, Cathi, Carma, Rebecca and Amanda still make us laugh.
No matter how long you keep kids in quiet time, in front of the TV, watching Penguins, on a Sunday afternoon, in hopes of them falling asleep, the adults still fall asleep and the kids never do!
The kids enjoy their great grandma as much as they ever did.
Four girls in the tub at the end of a day make for some really dirty water.
A triple batch of Navajo Taco dough is just right.
One little girl likes as many fresh peas from the pod as she can get.
In Porter's mind he can do anything a 6 year old can.
A baby cannot smile too much.
Eating outside is the only way to go.
You can only stack so much in a fridge.
If you bake, they will eat it.
Skunks are a hot topic.
It was a great thing for all the kids to get together and get to know eacher.

I would love to have you add to this list in the comments.

Thanks everyone for all the help while we were all together. It was fun. Hope we can do it again sometime.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazing Holiday Week-end!

I think we should all write in our journals that Memorial Day Week-end - 2009 had very little rain, no snow and very warm weather. It was amazing but it sure made for a great week-end. We left on Thursday and came back Monday morning. We had fun riding the 4 wheelers, eating and visiting. Porter and I had a great time playing with a few different kind of balls. He likes to play his version of kick ball. We cooked real french fries, waffles and donuts. Aaron cooked a turkey in the dutch oven. It was the best. We might have to talk him into cooking another one during the 4th. It did rain a few times on Sunday but luckily we can all fit into our trailer so that is what we did to play games and then to eat. It is good Reed couldn't be here cause he would have been disappointed that there was no snow.

Of course it was come home and park the trailer and then I jumped in the shower and headed to work. But the maid took care of all the other things that needed to be done. Glad thing cause I have worked until 7:30 every night this week.

Next week we will head to Nevada on Thursday for Zack's graduation. Garrett will be graduating from Kindergarten on Wednesday morning but I can't get away from work until Thursday. Next year Chris and Laura will have a 1st grader in elementary school and a first grader in college.

Got my flowers all planted last night. Got the last bed weeded this morning. Hooray! Now I can just sit down and enjoy - ya right!!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Nevada. After we get home we will be looking forward to seeing the Bell family for the fourth. Wow, summer goes by way to fast.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So Roxanna, I'm not sure how this works but since I have to wait for the washer to stop before I head outside for the day I will see what I can do. I am going with the number 9 whether I am supposed to or not!

9 Favorite TV Shows

NCIS - didn't watch it when it first came out. Started watching it in Jan. Good thing cause now I don't have to watch reruns since I didn't see the originals.
Discovery Channel
How It's Made
Dirty Jobs
CSI Miami
CSI Las Vegas
Good Eats

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Excercise walked with Oakley
Went to work
Picked up a few groceries
Talked to Jan on phone
Layed a few rolls of sod
Dug old junk out of a flower bed while watching a full moon come up
Ate chocolate cake
Washed a load of clothes
Dozed and watched NCIS

9 Things I Want to Plant in My Garden

Cinderalla Pumpkin
Red Warty Thing
Sweet Meat Squash
Prize Winner Pumpkin
Ruby Red Corn
Watermelon Radish
Blue Potatoes
Red Potatoes

9 Things I Am Looking Forward To

The day after the Saturday before Mother's Day
New carpet
Memorial Day week end camping trip
Winnemucca the first week in June
My flower pots full of color
Getting to mow my lawn
Family for the 4th
Strawberries, tomatoes and green beans from the garden
All of our kids getting together in September

9 Favorite Places to Eat

Calamity Campground
Campground in Spencer
T G I Friday's
Burger King
Johnny Carino's
Olive Garden

9 Things I Am Thankful For

Good health
The community we live in
A car to drive

9 People to play this game

Anyone who wants too!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Just in case anyone is wondering, Clint had his surgery on Tuesday. He is doing really great, getting bored just watching TV. It is good that we are having snow, makes him stay inside. Biopsies are back, everything was normal.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Trip

We had a really great trip to Winnemucca this week end. It started at 4 AM on Saturday morning. Wow, that is early for me! But Porter is tired enough he can sleep for a few hours, makes the trip faster for him. I'll do 0 dark 30 for Porter.

We had a great time with everyone on Saturday. We actually got a family picture that evening and they even turned out good!

Sunday morning was Layla's blessing. She had a very pretty dress. She still seems so tiny. She is very snuggly and so sweet.

Garrett got to spend some alone time with us for lunch and ice cream before we headed to Chris and Laura's for the afternoon and dinner for all of us at their house Sunday evening. We got to play trains and play in the sand hauling dirt, building a mountain and then a road. It was 68 degrees. It felt great.

We also got to see Laura's step grandson. He is just a week younger than Layla. He has a full head of black hair. It is always fascinating to me to see babies with lots of hair, especially since mine had very little.

Aunt Laura was so nice and provided picnic supplies for a picnic basket and Macy and Grandma got to have a pretend picnic in the family room. She pretend made a "delicious" chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate candy bars for our dessert. That is my kind of dessert!

Porter had a great time playing with the other kids. It is so much fun to see all the kids together.

Zack got to be with us on Saturday and part of the afternoon on Sunday. He had to go to work on Sunday evening. Zack went to surgery today, waiting to see how that turned out.

I'm sure Chris and Laura sighed a big sigh of relief Sunday evening when we took our noisy bunch and left.

It was back on the road at 4 Monday morning and of course back to work this morning.

Thanks everyone for making it such a fun and enjoyable week end.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News

What a great day! We had more snow with wind and drifting to go along with it. Hey, if it is going to be February let's go for more snow:)

Hurray for Clint, he finished his sugar beet hauling job at 5:00 AM Sunday morning. It is good to have him back home at night. Now on to looking for another job.

And, Happy Birthday to Macy who is 4 today!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thumbs Down

I have to say, going back to work today was not the highlight of my week! Guess I should just be glad I have the opportunity, huh?