Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazing Holiday Week-end!

I think we should all write in our journals that Memorial Day Week-end - 2009 had very little rain, no snow and very warm weather. It was amazing but it sure made for a great week-end. We left on Thursday and came back Monday morning. We had fun riding the 4 wheelers, eating and visiting. Porter and I had a great time playing with a few different kind of balls. He likes to play his version of kick ball. We cooked real french fries, waffles and donuts. Aaron cooked a turkey in the dutch oven. It was the best. We might have to talk him into cooking another one during the 4th. It did rain a few times on Sunday but luckily we can all fit into our trailer so that is what we did to play games and then to eat. It is good Reed couldn't be here cause he would have been disappointed that there was no snow.

Of course it was come home and park the trailer and then I jumped in the shower and headed to work. But the maid took care of all the other things that needed to be done. Glad thing cause I have worked until 7:30 every night this week.

Next week we will head to Nevada on Thursday for Zack's graduation. Garrett will be graduating from Kindergarten on Wednesday morning but I can't get away from work until Thursday. Next year Chris and Laura will have a 1st grader in elementary school and a first grader in college.

Got my flowers all planted last night. Got the last bed weeded this morning. Hooray! Now I can just sit down and enjoy - ya right!!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Nevada. After we get home we will be looking forward to seeing the Bell family for the fourth. Wow, summer goes by way to fast.


Bell Family said...

Your camping week end sounded like great fun! Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks. We leave here either the afternoon of the 30th or early morning of the 1st. Have a fun and safe trip to Nevada.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great trip!
I wish I was seeing everyone for the 4th, but from what came around work yesterday it appears we are working on the 3rd without getting a day off for the holiday. =\

Aaron said...

It was a fun trip. Thanks for all your help with porter he is quite an active little guy, he sure loves his grandma. The turkey turned out agian thanks for the help, i would be glad to do it the weekend of the 4th if people would like it.

Rowberry Family said...

soo jelouse you got to go enjoy the pine trees, we cant wait to see you guys!