Friday, May 8, 2009


So Roxanna, I'm not sure how this works but since I have to wait for the washer to stop before I head outside for the day I will see what I can do. I am going with the number 9 whether I am supposed to or not!

9 Favorite TV Shows

NCIS - didn't watch it when it first came out. Started watching it in Jan. Good thing cause now I don't have to watch reruns since I didn't see the originals.
Discovery Channel
How It's Made
Dirty Jobs
CSI Miami
CSI Las Vegas
Good Eats

8 Things I Did Yesterday

Excercise walked with Oakley
Went to work
Picked up a few groceries
Talked to Jan on phone
Layed a few rolls of sod
Dug old junk out of a flower bed while watching a full moon come up
Ate chocolate cake
Washed a load of clothes
Dozed and watched NCIS

9 Things I Want to Plant in My Garden

Cinderalla Pumpkin
Red Warty Thing
Sweet Meat Squash
Prize Winner Pumpkin
Ruby Red Corn
Watermelon Radish
Blue Potatoes
Red Potatoes

9 Things I Am Looking Forward To

The day after the Saturday before Mother's Day
New carpet
Memorial Day week end camping trip
Winnemucca the first week in June
My flower pots full of color
Getting to mow my lawn
Family for the 4th
Strawberries, tomatoes and green beans from the garden
All of our kids getting together in September

9 Favorite Places to Eat

Calamity Campground
Campground in Spencer
T G I Friday's
Burger King
Johnny Carino's
Olive Garden

9 Things I Am Thankful For

Good health
The community we live in
A car to drive

9 People to play this game

Anyone who wants too!


Rowberry Family said...

That was fun to read mom! Iam glad that you did it!

Rowberry Family said...

In case you are wondering Iam the one who redid the blog background and added the family picture! Hope you like it! Cant wait to see you guys soon!

Aaron said...

That was fun, I especily like your first 2 places to eat. And I am looking forward to alot of the same things you are.