Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything I Know I Learned From My Family

We have had some memorable days with part of our family over the past 2 weeks. These are some of the things I learned.

You can actually find ripe strawberries when there are no little hands around!
A teenage girl will play with 4 year olds and act like she is having a good time.
They have added a new color to the rainbow.
The look on kids faces as they drive their own decorated float through their own parade is priceless.
Keith still makes a great potato salad.
I am "very old" because I am a "grandmother".
Kids can still be entertained on a trampoline.
Teenage boys can be gentle, caring and have fun with kids under 6.
Teenage boys can still play hide and seek.
Mike and Scott are great BBQ chefs.
Glueing and decorating with two 2 year olds, three 4 years olds, a 6 year old, 2 grandma's, and 3 mothers is hectic but worth it in the end!
We still enjoy the fireworks.
Some Grandma's are "white".
Joyce, Cathi, Carma, Rebecca and Amanda still make us laugh.
No matter how long you keep kids in quiet time, in front of the TV, watching Penguins, on a Sunday afternoon, in hopes of them falling asleep, the adults still fall asleep and the kids never do!
The kids enjoy their great grandma as much as they ever did.
Four girls in the tub at the end of a day make for some really dirty water.
A triple batch of Navajo Taco dough is just right.
One little girl likes as many fresh peas from the pod as she can get.
In Porter's mind he can do anything a 6 year old can.
A baby cannot smile too much.
Eating outside is the only way to go.
You can only stack so much in a fridge.
If you bake, they will eat it.
Skunks are a hot topic.
It was a great thing for all the kids to get together and get to know eacher.

I would love to have you add to this list in the comments.

Thanks everyone for all the help while we were all together. It was fun. Hope we can do it again sometime.


Rowberry Family said...

That was GREAT MOM! I loved it! Thanks for letting us come spend time at your house and for spoiling the girls!

Audra said...

What a perfect summary of a great weekend!

Audra said...

CUTE Background!!! I just realized that it is one of the kits I designed- Very cooooo! I feel so special!!!

Michelle said...

I love your list. :) I'm sorry I missed it.