Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Trip

We had a really great trip to Winnemucca this week end. It started at 4 AM on Saturday morning. Wow, that is early for me! But Porter is tired enough he can sleep for a few hours, makes the trip faster for him. I'll do 0 dark 30 for Porter.

We had a great time with everyone on Saturday. We actually got a family picture that evening and they even turned out good!

Sunday morning was Layla's blessing. She had a very pretty dress. She still seems so tiny. She is very snuggly and so sweet.

Garrett got to spend some alone time with us for lunch and ice cream before we headed to Chris and Laura's for the afternoon and dinner for all of us at their house Sunday evening. We got to play trains and play in the sand hauling dirt, building a mountain and then a road. It was 68 degrees. It felt great.

We also got to see Laura's step grandson. He is just a week younger than Layla. He has a full head of black hair. It is always fascinating to me to see babies with lots of hair, especially since mine had very little.

Aunt Laura was so nice and provided picnic supplies for a picnic basket and Macy and Grandma got to have a pretend picnic in the family room. She pretend made a "delicious" chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and chocolate candy bars for our dessert. That is my kind of dessert!

Porter had a great time playing with the other kids. It is so much fun to see all the kids together.

Zack got to be with us on Saturday and part of the afternoon on Sunday. He had to go to work on Sunday evening. Zack went to surgery today, waiting to see how that turned out.

I'm sure Chris and Laura sighed a big sigh of relief Sunday evening when we took our noisy bunch and left.

It was back on the road at 4 Monday morning and of course back to work this morning.

Thanks everyone for making it such a fun and enjoyable week end.


Audra said...

It was a great trip wasn't it!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a good trip!

I love driving early in the am when it is still dark. :)

Pistolmom said...


Rowberry Family said...

Thanks for coming for the blessing. It was great for everyone to be here for it! The person who left the website under the name pistol mom is beccas sis in washington. dont know why she is giong that on everyones blog weird?? i guess she wants everyone to check it out or something! -Roxanna

Jensen Family said...

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